Visit the Noah & Maeve HQ at our farm in Northallerton – book an appointment

Visit the Noah & Maeve HQ at our farm in Northallerton – book an appointment

Hello 2 May! Traditional Northallerton Toy Shop

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Well there’s a lot going on at Noah and Maeve this month from new stock arriving to being accepted as a stockist by Olli ella, it really doesn’t get a lot more exciting than this.

Pop over to our Northallerton Toy Shop. Today after getting back from the beautiful Northumberland coast, i’ve been checking the new Maileg order that has arrived today, and it is all just perfect as always and is now uploaded to the website for you to be able to purchase. My personal favourite items this time have to be the new Maileg Happy Camper Tent it’s such a lovely colour and the inside mattress is in the well known multi dot Maileg fabric and my second favourite has to be the super sweet little Maileg Bucket and Mop set , I can’t wait for Hollie to see these I know she will have her own personal favourites too. We’ve been welcoming lots of local and not so local people to view our beautiful Brands at the Noah and Maeve HQ in Northallerton. although we don’t have a proper shop people are happy to be able to view Brands in person. it’s lovely to meet each and every one of you. So, on to Olli ella! Well apart from being super excited about finally being accepted to stock this beautiful Brand we have been busy putting in our first order. We put it to you our followers on Instagram and Facebook to see personally what products you’d like to see us stock and i can tell you we’ve ordered all that you said except the dozy and cozy Dinkums as there’s brand new ones coming out next month so we are going to order them then so you get the newest Olli ella items from us too. The Original Dinkum Dolls are still my favourite and if i had to pick one in particular it would have to be Sprout, the reason behind this is throughout Hollies pregnancy she called her little bump Sprout, now known as Primrose, this still makes me smile thinking about it. We have loved this brand since the beginning of Noah and Maeve we love what the Brand stands for and what the sisters believes in and like us it is a family business. We hope you carry on supporting us the way you have been,our Dream is becoming a reality and it’s all down to you guys sharing our posts and talking about us the way you have been doing. We have been doing some crazy Maileg Special Buys and so long as we keep growing then we can keep offering fantastic deals each month on our beautiful brands this last month has been Maileg but we will be mixing it up a little. If there’s anything you’d like to see us offer then please get in touch. we love a little chat so always welcome your views and ideas. visit our new Northallerton Toy Shop you are sure to have a magical time and you get 10% off which is an added bonus if you are local to us. all we ask is you send us a message to book an appointment first to make sure there is someone at our HQ. We look forward to meeting you

We are soon going to be planning our summer Maileg Picnic, tickets will be Limited to just 20 Blankets so if you’d like to come please let us know so we can put you on the list ready for when the date is confirmed. thank you again for your support June and Hollie xxx

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