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Introducing Olli Ella to Noah and Maeve

Olli Ella-Pretend-Play-Pack-Dinkum-Doll-Group-2-medium_ccexpress

We’d like to welcome the beautiful brand Olli Ella to join us at Noah and Maeve.

After nearly a year, so nearly our first anniversary this beautiful brand has accepted us be a stockist for them, which is so exciting for us. For many years now both Hollie and i have loved this brand and have always wanted to be able to stock Olli Ella as well as our other beautifully chosen brands and finally we can say we do.

It was a very interesting delivery as it arrived sooner than expected, luckily we live on a farm so always have farm machinery available for this sort of job as there were quite a lot of boxes. Because we weren’t quite expecting the delivery to come as soon, although we had created a space we had not yet decided how we were going to display it so sometimes things are better less thought out. We quickly well my other half Martin!, put a table together and with the fabulous old potato crates we had knocking around in one of the barns a plan came together and we hope you like it as much as we do.

Then came the unpacking of each item with the overwhelming urge to shed a tear at how incredibly well they had all been made each one just really taking us back we were ecstatic to say the least. I took a breather at one point as i became a little emotional after watching videos that the sisters from Olli Ella had uploaded with the incredibly talented women actually sat making the baskets to then have them in my hands was just beautiful, the story this particular item a Piki basket already had by the time it got to the Noah and Maeve HQ was just remarkable and deserved a little time to truly be appreciated, which it did along with all the other items too..We don’t normally make the time to stop and really think about where our things come from but honestly when you do and you know where they have been made and by who it’s quite an emotional time to say the least. Anyway getting back to our new and beautiful collection from Olli Ella, We really hope you love it as much as we do, those of you that already have Olli Ella in your home you know exactly what we mean when we say they really are the sweetest products. the lifestyle they create and the stories they bring to our children is really worth every penny. We are going to try to upload some of the videos so that you can see what we have seen to truly appreciate each item Olli Ella make.

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