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kings cape by oyoy with gold sparkle thread

OyOy is a perfect addition to our ranges at Noah and Maeve HQ from their beds and canopies to Storage and Bibs we have it all.



The rainbow is a beautiful phenomenon and its mysterious beauty has fascinated and inspired people over time. In the childhood, we have seen the rainbow out of the window in the children’s room, out of the car window on a drive, on a walk with the family, on a holiday or somewhere completely different. It can come out of the blue, but the amazing color play in the bow always seems enchanting and magical to us. from OyOy

Have a little look through the gallery of Rainbows by clicking on the arrow below to the side of the image.

  • rainbow quilt in rose by oyoy
  • rainbow bench made from cane by oyoy perfect for a couple of little bottoms
  • rainbow silicone placemat in fudge colour
  • large rainbow wall rug by oyoy
  • large rainbow wall rug by oyoy
  • oyoy rainbow bib
Hevali Night and Day bed by oyoy made from 100% beech wood too a stunning addition to any childs room
The OyOy bed is so simple

The Hevali Night & Day Junior Bed from OYOY Living Design is a modern interpretation and simplified redesign of the popular Danish Hevali bed from the 1960s. With its simple expression and still timeless and durable design, the iconic piece of furniture will be a beautiful and aesthetic addition to the children’s room for many years.

To decorate the perfect children’s room, the first thing you need is the right furniture creating just the right ambience when the child needs to sleep. With Hevali Night & Day Junior Bed, the child gets a pleasant environment to sleep in. Let the child sleep in the soft Nuku Bedding from OYOY Living Design and make it extra cozy with cushions and Best Friends from OYOY MINI. Bedtime must be associated with something pleasant and in harmonious surroundings, the child will get the best night’s sleep.

rainbow clothes rack made from rattan by oyoy perfect for the little ones room hangers sold separately


The cute Rainbow Clothes Rack is a part of the children’s furniture collection. The retro look brings back memories from childhood and fits perfectly into the modern home with its natural expression. The children’s clothing rack fits perfectly into the children’s room. Hang the child’s favorite costumes to make it easy and accessible in their room.

Use the Tiny Fuku hangers in different colors on the clothing rack to give the stand a colorful look.

huge mushroom basket by oyoy

The Mushroom basket is a practical, easy and fun way to organize the children’s toys. The top of the sponge works as a lid, so it is easy to store the toys away. The sweet basket which illustrates a mushroom, adds a playful element to the decor.

kings cape by oyoy with gold sparkle thread

All kings must have a beautiful and impressive cape – the perfect cape is found in the OYOY MINI series. The cape is knitted in a delicious quality with glitter details. The cape closes with velcro.

The cape can be used by kings, knights and princes.

kings cape by oyoy with gold sparkle thread
caramel canopy by oyoy also available in blue or rose

OyOy Ronja Canopy

Our New OyOy range goes beautifully with our Avery Row and Olli ella Brands in particular.

lobo lion ride on like a huge cushion for children to sit on in the shape of a lion

OYOY Lobo Lion Ride On The characteristic Lobo Lion – Ride On Lion is the perfect accessory in the child’s room. The beanbag is super decorative but is also comfortable and cosy to sit or play on.

adventure junior bedding by oyoy

OYOY Adventure Junior Bedding The motif of the roadway makes this bedding a hit among all children. The simple and cute design sets the imagination in motion at the child and is at the same time extremely decorative in the children’s room. We Honestly had to double check the price on this one and thinks its a fabulous little bargain

lava wall hanging

OYOY Leo Larva Wall hanger

OYOY Leo Larva Wall hanger The wall rug series is a fun and playful way to decorate the children’s room. The rug is handmade in wool and cotton, and can be hung on the wall with the included stick and leather string. Hang the wall rug alone, or with other wall rugs from the series. The Larva Leo has a dimensional effect that can be fun and challenging for the child’s tactility.

For anyone who doesn’t know it here’s a little link to the Rainbow song

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