Visit the Noah & Maeve HQ at our farm in Northallerton – book an appointment

Visit the Noah & Maeve HQ at our farm in Northallerton – book an appointment

We’ve Won Our 1st Incredible Toy Award

we've won our 1st incredible award

We have won our 1st Incredible Toy award and are beyond delighted.


We’ve Won Our First Incredible Toy Award, For a little over a year now we have been working so so hard to ensure that every single one of our Toys that we provide inspires each and every one of the children that they are given to.

We’ve Won Our 1st Incredible Toy Award. Hollie and I started with a big piece of paper in fact several big pieces of paper and started doing mind maps. We started in the middle with what was important to us and went from there. What we wanted each toy to provide to the child playing with it, what we wanted them to be made from, price brackets, sustainability etc etc etc. we soon filled each big piece of paper with all our ideas then we went away and researched each Brand some of which did not tick all our boxes. From what name to choose for our company,where we were going to put all our stock, what courses we needed to do business wise to get it right and so on we have had to have a few changes along the way as our research continues daily, different Brands more space and getting so much busier than we ever dreamed we would be.

We seriously had no idea the hours we would spend running our company but love every second. if we aren’t marketing across all our social media platforms, doing shows,going to shows,talking to parents printing off orders,wrapping orders and daily runs to our local post office we are sat in front of our laptops again doing posts like these to give you an idea of what goes on behind the scenes or spending hours even days uploading new stock to our website we’ve learnt so much over the past year and are still learning every day.

So to for Hollie and I to find out that what we are doing has meant we have Won an Award is just mind blowing. we are so so grateful that we are being seen in this enormous world or websites we just wanted to share it with you all.

We’ve Won Our 1st Incredible Toy Award

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We May only be a Mother and Daughter Company but we are mighty. we want our dream to succeed and willing to work as hard as we need to to get there.

IMG 3704

You can see little Primrose here playing with SuperHero mouse in his matchbox. Superhero Mouse means so much more than we could ever imagine to a child. their story telling in their heads starts as soon as that little matchbox is opened. Developing a child’s imagination through play is honestly the greatest achievement.

IMG 9572
This is one of our amazing customers daughters playing with two of the Le Toy Van vehicles that we sell along with her Maileg Mice that her Mummy bought from us earlier this year.
IMG 9324
We are at bursting point Now in our little HQ in Northallerton after starting in just one little room we are now using every inch of space and needing more space very soon.
OE Daydream Dozy Dinkum Doll Mini Daisy 3 adobe express
When our beautiful Olli Ella brand arrived Our Hq we certainly fell in love and could also start providing Toys from birth too which is just fantastic. Then came Tender Leaf Toys another wooden toy brand to complement our existing wooden toy brand Le Toy Van.
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