Visit the Noah & Maeve HQ at our farm in Northallerton – book an appointment

Visit the Noah & Maeve HQ at our farm in Northallerton – book an appointment

Maileg Royal Mice

Maileg Queen Clothes for Mum Mouse

Maileg Dream Castle!

Do you dream of living like a Princess or Prince?

Now you and your Maileg mice can! With this castle and charming accessories, you and your Maileg friends can live in a world of luxury.

What adventures will you pursue as royalty? Perhaps a regal ball, a tea party, or a royal slumber party?

The opportunities are endless.

Have fun creating your own unique royal story. Will the Prince of your Palace be best friends with a waiter, or maybe the Princess of the castle is an angel? Never-ending storytelling moments are waiting to be explored!

We have in stock the king, Queen, Prince, Princess, Princess and the Pea, Waiter, Chef, Waitress and the beautiful Castle with kitchen. If you Buy any one of these then we will also send you a Castle Bag Free of Charge until this Sunday yes that’s totally Free. the Castle Gift Bag is made from card and has a little window on one side and an opening door on the other. making it the perfect play set for your Maileg Royal Mice.

pea1 ccexpress
Priness and the pea, Big sister mouse
image 43
image 39

So don’t delay! for this great little deal and order today to get yours.

castle 2
chef mouse 1
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