Visit the Noah & Maeve HQ at our farm in Northallerton – book an appointment

Visit the Noah & Maeve HQ at our farm in Northallerton – book an appointment

New 1st Summer Photo Shoot

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Our 1st summer Photo shoot Little Primrose and I had the most fantastic afternoon playing with a few of our Noah and Maeve Toys and taking a few photos and little videos.

Primrose’s favourites were certainly the Dinkum Doll Sprout the Strolley and the gorgeous little Wonder Wagon. As soon as little Primrose saw all the Toys set up under her favourite Apple Tree she just looked at me and said Wow. Renaming the Olli Ella Dinkum Doll Sprout to Baby Hugo after my friends new little Grandson that she had recently met she popped him into the strolley and off she went marching off around the garden like a proud new Mummy for probably a good twenty minutes.

i decided if we were going to get any photos today i’d have to do a little wondering around the Garden myself. After a while Primrose parked up the little strolley and her new Baby Hugo and popped the Maileg Bunny and Rabbit into the Olli Ella Wonder Wagon and started pulling that around the Orchard.

I wondered if Primrose would be a bit little yet as she’s a dainty two year old but she managed no problem at all popping a few tiny apples in from the floor as she went. Once we’d been outside for most of the afternoon, Primrose was tired of wondering , she soon settled back on the Picnic rug i’d set up earlier ready for our little photo shoot.

Primrose opened the Olli Ella Piki Basket and inside was her trusted little friend Big Brother Mouse just waiting for her in his Matchbox , she was delighted to see him and made him a cup of tea from the little Maileg Thermos flask and poured it into the two tiny metal cups, After this Primrose went on to make herself and her Grandma a cup of tea with two tea bags from the Tender Leaf tea tray set.

We sat down together and enjoyed the peace around us and had lots and lots of cuddles. A Photo shoot with Grandma and Primrose is always a lovely adventure. One that we both truly enjoy. We look forward to the next one very very soon. June AKA Grandma xxxx

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